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About us

Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd., which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and public health product.

Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest manufacturers of plant protection products in China through many years of efforts. Thus now Shanghai E-Tong......


In 2011, we moved to new office building in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

In 2012, we registered independently in Burma.

In 2013, we registered independently in Bolivia.

In 2013, we set up offices in Vietnam

In 2014, we started independent registered in Brazil, India, Australia and other markets.

In 2015, Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd

In 2017, we set up branch companies in Nigeria, Paraguay.

Contact us

Add: No.23, Lane 5398, Shenzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86-21-51698968

Fax: +86-21-64138597

E-mail: admin@etongchem.com

Skype Sayid (General Manager)

Sayid Song


  • Azoxystrobin

    CAS No.: 131860-33-8
  • Carbendazim

    CAS No.: 10605-21-7
  • Cyproconazole

    CAS No.: 94361-06-5
  • Epoxiconazole

    CAS No.: 133855-98-8
  • Fosetyl Al

    CAS No.: 39148-24-8
  • Fludioxonil

    CAS No.: 131341-86-1
  • Picoxystrobin

    CAS No.: 117428-22-5
  • Tebuconazole

    CAS No.: 107534-96-3


  • Abamectin

    CAS No.: 71751-41-2
  • Acephate

    CAS No.: 30560-19-1
  • Acetamiprid

    CAS No.: 135410-20-7
  • Chlorfenapyr

    CAS No.: 122453-73-0
  • Chlorpyrifos

    CAS No.: 2921-88-2
  • Diflubenzuron

    CAS No.: 2921-88-2
  • Emamectin

    CAS No.: 155569-91-8
  • Fipronil

    CAS No.: 120068-37-3


  • 2,4-D

    CAS No.: 94-75-7
  • Atrazine

    CAS No.: 1912-24-9
  • Bispyribac Sodium

    CAS No.: 125401-75-4
  • Clethodim

    CAS No.: 99129-21-2
  • Cloransulam methyl

    CAS No.: 147150-35-4
  • Dicamba

    CAS No.: 1918-00-9
  • Diclosulam

    CAS No.: 145701-21-9
  • Glyphosate

    CAS No.: 1071-83-6
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